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Trade is here! And also some other changes were made. Please check down below.

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Hey there,

Great news, we have a new update again! We have finished up the first version of Trading. Bear in mind it is the initial version and adjustments will be made over time. It is accessible in the Account Menu. Please let us know your thoughts or if you find any bugs (if you find a bug on Trade and you don't report it, you may get banned or deleted!!). We also have created "Trade" channels on Discord that you can announce your items to buy and sell. In the future we will implement a Market House, but that is subject to a separate update.

Download the new version at: Kakele.io

With this update, we also bring the following changes:

- We are still thinking about a more elaborate PvP control system. For the time being, we are introducing a death penalty of up to 0.5% for player that die without the "PK" skull (before they didn't lose any experience at all)

- Mages and Alchemists now have the "Medidate" spells. When cast, their passive health and mana are increased by a lot for one minute or until they move

- New monsters, new items and new quests! Beware of the spiders!

- Summons will change their target to whoever you attack (they won't follow you yet because that is a potential vector for abuse on blocking paths)

- Hunter "Focus" spells increased again by 10%, but the last spell also had its mana cost increased. The berserker "Rage" spells were increased by 5% (they are supposed to be a bit stronger than Hunters)

- Bosses will respawn even if you are in their vision range (no more blocking boss respawns!), but their respawn rate is now delayed by 10 minutes

- Right now, the off-hand/shield counts a lot for the overall physical damage resistance. For all vocations but the Warrior it will count the same as a regular equipment. In other words, if you yield a shield and you are not a Warrior, you will receive slightly more physical damage than before

- Plenty of tweaks to the game interface and experience, based on feedback by you. Improvements and extra animations, items and tile sprites, including more detail to house in cities

Many have asked about Donations and Premium account. We will start working on that now and it will be available within 1-2 months. There will be the "Kakele Coins" which you will buy via PayPal, and you will be able to buy Premium Time in-game with it. Premium Time is also a feature that will evolve over time, but the first version will include:

- There is a limit of 100 players per map and premium accounts will still be able to join, up to a limit of 200

- 2x bank and backpack space

- 2x passive regeneration rates

- Death penalty reduced in half

- Extra outfits

- Some sort of special color / badge showing in the character, to indicate they are premium

And you will also be able to buy the following services with these coins:

- Change name

- Change clan

We can also let you know that the base price will be $6 (six USD) for 1 month Premium Time worth of Kakele coins (plus some extra to change name and clan), which is way below what some other games charge. Moreover you can initially see it as a "donation" to help us keep the lights on, since the advantages do not forbid you to succeed and have fun as a free account. The Kakele Coins will be non-transferrable for 6 months, and then you will be able to trade them with whoever you want in the game. More payment options will be added with time. Let us know your thoughts on Discord!

And here is an awesome video recorded for this update:

Kind Regards,

Bruno, Lucas & the ViVa team

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