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More TNT Updates! This time we've added some example Power-Ups, models and their effects, to the news.

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Power-Ups, Power-Up Plates and EMP Shells

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Tracks and Turrets isn't just about running around shooting people with large, and small, rounds.. NO! We're all about Power-Ups and providing the player with even more things to add to their arsenal and chances of survival. In this news post we'll be showcasing one of our Power-Ups and showing you the models we're currently using.

The EMP Power-UP model and Spawn Plate

emp powerup

Throughout each of the battlefields, Power-Ups (just like the one above), will be dotted around the place, providing players with a multitude of Power-Ups that will help their cause in winning the battle. Power-Ups with spawn in random locations with random Power-Up types at random times, so you might know where the power-up spawners are, but you won't know when they'll spawn. We've also added a no-camping spawn function that prevents people from sitting on spawners waiting for them to appear.... sorry!

Example EMP Shell - Oooh electric blue!

EMP Shell

In the above image, the player has driven over an EMP Power-Up. To let players know what type of weapons they have collected they'll have a notification on their HUD and, sometimes, the weapons colours will change too. As you can see above, the EMP shell is blue, letting both players know what type of weapon they have fired and what type of shell they have to try and dodge.

EMP Contact! - This tree is now vulnerable to attack :).


When the EMP shell, successfully, hits a target, it will render the target immobile for a few seconds, leaving them open to attack from the immediate, shooter, enemy and all other enemies in the vicinity. Targets will experience an electrical particle effect, covering their tank, whilst the effect is in place and will regain control of their tank when the effect has ended.

Tanks also have a Power-Up Shell stack maximum and minimum, for example, some tanks can store more EMP shells than other tanks. Giving them an advantage over other tanks in battle. However, having a tank with a larger shell stack will mean that some other aspect of their tank will be less effective than another tank.

We hope you like what you've see? We'll be posting more udpates as we get them. Many thanks, the FingerPunch Games team :).

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