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Hello Player and fellow Developers. Global warming is evidently becoming an issue and we still have only one planet. So we decided to take up a worthy initative – reduce heat emission and increase the lifespan of our planet, our CPUs and our GPUs – by reducing the load the game puts on them. It might seem laughable, but as the saying goes – drop, drop, drop … and you have an ocean!

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Tower of Time 3

Since we don’t really have a lot of bugs to fix anymore, we focused on optimizing everything we can – also as a learning how we can squeeze maximum from our game engine in our next project.

As a result ---

FPS increased even by up to 35% in certain areas
Build size decreased from 18GB to 10.9GB (!!!)
Loading times have decreased considerably.

If you are interested (I guess mostly fellow developers), we achieved that by:

  • Adding an option to limit FPS between 30 and 265 in Settings
  • Increasing the compression of textures
  • Decreasing the range of shadows rendering
  • Optimizing all music and SFX (compression)
  • Optimizing what is being rendered and what’s not, if objects are outside of view area
  • Turning off reflection probes in real-time
  • Decreasing amount of memory allocated to raycast of particles
  • Decreasing lightning in places where we use forward rendering
  • Adding an option to turn on/turn off anti-aliasing in Settings


  • Adding missing Days of Old 9 cinematic (damn, that is embarrassing that we lost this one along the way, especially since this is one of the best one we have)
  • Fixed few translations and added few missing ones
  • Fixed Quest Log in Ancient Machine quest
  • Fixed bug when music sometimes did not resume playing after cinematics
  • Fixed volume bar for cinematics (sometimes it stopped working)
  • Removed unlimited teleporting option but added an option to teleport to the beginning of the floor at will (unlimited teleporting could potentially break two quests)

So, we are working in our new project intensively. If you are interested, just click on our name under PUBLISHER (Steam store page) next to reviews and follow us. We will announce when we are ready and also plan to have intensive beta testing at some point for multi-player part.

We also are finishing FRENCH localization – should be ready within next 3 weeks or so. We are working on ITALIAN as well, here I cannot give you any estimates yet.

We are also working on console version of Tower of Time for PS, Xbox and Switch.

With the next patch we will also introduce NG++ that will increase difficulty a bit but will allow you to skip the story and play with all champions available since the beginning. You will be able to experiment with really crazy builds. Kaela and Boron will make a short work of this crazy Mimic chest on floor 1.

Hope you will enjoy playing Tower of Time.

Event Horizon team

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