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Face tournaments around Teradon and mark your name!

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Tournaments are common around Wern, It is where the Knights can make fame and win Ladies! But the most valuable is the Great Ashborn Tournament, where all the Knights fight in the name of the King. After the Southern War, the King has created the Great Tournament in honor of the Knights, and every christmas the tournament happens. There is three types of combat:

Jousting - The most prestigious mode, and the winner has the right to honor one Lady with the flower of the Queen. Also, archieve favors with the King and Country. On the other hand is the hardest competition and all the legendary Knights will fight for the same prizes!

Swordfighting - This mode is for the Knights that are expert on the Sword fight, and is not very prestigious as the Joust. The prize is Gold and a Sword made by the King's blacksmith!

Handfighting - This is about strenght, and only the strong Knights could win. It is the least prestigious, and the prize is a Horse of the King's stables.

Many are the Knights that already fought those tounaments, but few are the Winners, are you a champion? Or just another Knight searching for glory?

Discover in Knight Legacy!


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