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Eve of Destruction - Redux, a BF 1942 modification from 2002 has got a standlone game!

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Eve of Destruction - Redux has been released some weeks ago.
The single & multiplayer game is available for Windows, Linux & Mac and there's also a free demo download!
It's a 100% indie project by just one person without any budget.

It comes with 35 beautiful and huge landscapes and last but not least 196 usable (!!!) vehicles from that era.
Tanks, APC, helicopters, jets, bombers, boats, ships, cars, trucks, paraglider, wingsuit, animals to ride, bikes and bicycles.

Please help us getting this greenlit on Steam and tell all your friends about the game.


Right now I'm working on an improvement of the -still very basic- AI and adding the AI for multiplayer games (CO-OP). So it will be much easier to wait for other players joining the game.
New animations were added to the player models and weapon accuracy was improved.
There's no fix release date for the update but it will be in 2016.
Of course the updates are free for customers who have purchased the game.

Skyraider bombing a beach village

Don't hesitate to test the game. It's really fun to fight against the bots (allthough the improvements will be in the future) and the demo is free! (Tip: press F1 in game to see the controls.)

Here's a new video showing the traps in game:

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