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Official game page opened on IndieDB with a long gameplay trailer! Also started the STEAM Greenlight Campaign!

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Hello everyone!

I'm happy to announce the opening of Toricky Discovery Edition's IndieDB page to introduce our game to the community and share its updates!

●What is Toricky?

Toricky Discovery Edition is an action-platform game where you use the Cute’n-Badass Adventurer Bird Toricky’s "Flying, Grabbing and Throwing” Skills to fly freely trough immense 2D Stages, fight various enemies and solve Puzzles, to find Mysterious Jewels Crystars hidden all around the world.

The gameplay emphasizes on exploring labyrinthinc stages full of secrets and short-cuts within which you can play with every item you see exploiting the physics engine.

Toricky Discovery Edition is developped in 3 languages (English/Japanese/French) by Atelier Melon-Kissa and Strangebull.

●STEAM Greenlight

We started a Greenlight Campaign! If you're interested by this kind of eccentric platforming game, far from "Run & Jump" Classics, please support us on STEAM ! Steamcommunity.com

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