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This is a time for recollection and introspection, to think about things that are gone and things to come. To bring to mind old acquaintances and days of long ago. And to make lists of every kind. In this case, bugs from this year that in one way or the other have made us smile.

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As the end of the year gets near, you know it's a tradition to start making lists, lots and lots of lists. For some, it's a way to look back into the year that's about to end and see what has been accomplished. For others, it is a way to look back at the things they've missed and swear that next year will be the year. For others, it's another chance to remember the good moments that passed, the joys that the year brought. And for others, it is a way to not having to think in a proper update. Of course, this is not our case.

These are bugs that (while they may have been annoying, difficult, easy or anything in between to fix) brought at least a smile to our faces when we saw them, made us look at the rest of the team and go "Hey! Look over here! This damn thing is broken again!"

So first we start with numero seis.

6. This is thriller, thriller mob

Once we found out that the mob would turn to face the wrong side while moving or not turn at all, as we can see here in an extreme case. At the time we had more pressing issues, so fixing this bug was a bit low in the queue and we ended up having a moonwalking mob with us. And someone would always start whistling Thriller while playtesting. That was the worst part, I think.

5. Oedipus summons an otherworldly horror

The horror! THE HORROR! It seems that time travel, cloning people, being the father of your brothers and sister... these kind of things aren't without consequences for your sanity... and Oedipus knows this very well. At some point, he tried to escape this torment by splicing DNA from the people he cloned to create a vessel for a Great Old One to inhabit so it would wreck havoc on ancient Greece. Or maybe he just created copies of animated sprites that got stuck together at 0,0,0. I still think Oedipus is not to be trusted, but the guys will still use him in the game. Iä! Iä! Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!

4. Oedipus has gone too far...

This is a last minute addition to this list! It happened this morning, and both Sebastian and I agreed that it deserved this spot. We were working on being able to replay a level with the same mob when we realized that crossing your own time line leads to unfortunate situations like that one. And Oedipus hadn't said anything to us. Yet another reason not to trust him.

3. Apollo uses his Rapid Shot Feat

Ouch, that looks like it hurts. A lot. Poor philosopher. Now imagine you are testing, battling Apollo with your mob. Then you pause it for a moment to check some variables and stuff, to check if everything is behaving as expected. Then you go back to the game to move on to the next critical moment aaaaand... this welcomes you. A bunch of arrows shot rapidly by the god Apollo. It's not fair, is it? Also, notice how they are arrows and not cats? Damn Roque.

2.Perseus goes Garry's Mod all over Delphi. Or just slithers around. One of those.

Many are Perseus' exploits, as we all know, but it seems griffons have a funny effect on him. When brave Perseus was attacked by one of the majestic beasts and later rescued by the rest of the mob, he never recovered from the experience. But he gained the ability to phase through buildings and stuff, so there's that.

1. Hallelujah, it's raining philosophers!

And this is the top of the list! The best one! The philosophers rain! Why the background is dark grey, you ask? Because this happened among a complicated series of things breaking one after the other, including the level not loading and the action phase getting stuck in "spawn player". But seriously, I think this picture speaks by itself. So behold the best bug of the year!

And that's it. There were more bugs, of course, but those were more of the "AAARGH!!!" kind and not memorable at all. I hope this list has made your life 780% percent better (±780). Enjoy the upcoming holiday, celebrate responsibly and don't aggravate Santa by throwing rocks at the reindeer.


"Oedipus summons an otherworldly horror".. I was thinking "back in the pile!.." from a South Park episode. heh.

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