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The love kids have for video games are deeper than you think.

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That’s why they can spend many hours in front of the TV, computer or mobile device, even if they haven't eaten. Video games are entertaining. And not only do kids enjoy it; adults also play video games. But the point is that not all the games add value. Some are just there to entertain. Educational games are usually recommended by educationists, to help students learn faster. The reason is that educational games will not only add value but entertain. In this post, we will pick the best 6 educational games for all age group. They are games teachers or parents can use to assist students.

1. Stack the countries

You don’t need to travel around the world to have sound knowledge of different countries and their central cities. The game, Stack the countries can help you learn them wherever you are. It will take you through the various countries of the world as well as their major cities. Stack also takes users through an incredible and engaging challenge where they have to come up with designs out of their diverse shapes.

2. Math and Letters Air Control

This game is not only educating but quite entertaining. It can help to teach kids the basics of counting, basic math, alphabet and basic parts of speech. The game is also very engaging and would indulge one’s imagination through thoughts of flying helicopters and planes.

3. Scribblenauts

This game can force kids to flex their creative muscles, using language, logic and problem-solving to progress from one level to another. Tasks can be as easy as gathering Starite (little yellow stars) from a tree. It could as be as demanding as moving through crocodile-infested waters or dodging werewolves as you walk past their habitat. But that’s not what makes the game special. It has well over 22,000 different words, so players can write whatever tool they need, for example, rope, for Maxwell to use and it would appear. One can even write a bicycle. Whatever you can imagine and write will appear on the screen.

4. Endless Ocean

Everyone needs proper education about the aquatic habit and sea life. Kids are also not left out. The Endless Ocean is a game designed to let you explore the world's waterways and Ocean. Plus one can learn about the different kinds of animals and marine plants. Kids can also learn how to become divers, interact and learn from the tips and advice of professional divers installed in the game. There are also plenty of underwater caves, shipwreck, and trenches one can explore.

5. Rocket Math

One easy way to learn math is to practice regularly. But then, doing so and getting a reward in return can boost one’s interest on the subject. Most students consider math to be complicated and annoying. But the Rocket Math game can change all that. It will lead you to solve challenging math problems and get rewarded with the necessary parts you need to construct rocket ships.

6. Dr. Frankenstein’s Body Lab

Having sound knowledge of the different parts of the body is something everyone should do. That’s where educational games like the Dr. Frankenstein’s Body Lab come into play. According to a custom research paper helper, this game will help you to learn about the essential parts of the body in a heartbeat.


Educational games can help people learn difficult things with ease. They also provide entertainment and to while away time. Parents or teachers can use some of these games to help kids learn faster. The first step is basically to ensure that the child likes the game. The game should also be such that can help to make a complicated subject exciting and straightforward to learn.

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