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New bosses, enemy tweaks, new Options Menu, and more.

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There's a new build available. Here's why you should play it and say things:

New Miniboss: Kilzek


Kilzek's back from lusting after ass in Millie Megavolte 3 to ruin Lone's day. He's got the same bad attitude, same bad sword, and same stupid haircut. You'll have to get past his bulging green biceps if you want to lay your hands on the Shroud of Kings.

New Boss: Bloodcutter

Like skeletons in other games, Bloodcutter doesn't fuck around. One wrong step and you'll end up on the bone train to Pound Town with a colon full of spiked bolas. They hurt worse coming out, trust me.

New Enemy Stuff


All enemies have been converted from sprite sheets to Spine skeletons. So, they have nicer animations and smaller filesizes. The Buzzfairy is still as enchanting as ever and looks more divine with her new smooth moves.

New Options Menus And Stuff

Options Menu

Nothing sexy here, you can just change the graphics settings and stuff in-game now.

There's Controller Rumble Now So It'll Go All RRRBRRBRB When You Get Hit

What the thing says.

So there you go. Also, I guess dialogue stuff is in there now too but it doesn't appear anywhere:

Spoiler Alert

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