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You don't need your mouse & keyboard. Forget about your joystick or gamepad. This game can only be played using the Razer Hydra: A 1:1 Motion Sensing Controller. It's out as freeware.

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Tofu Alley is a Motion Control Game, designed exclusively for the Razer Hydra Motion Sensing Controller.

It's simple, but it's a lot of fun. Gameplay consists of stopping a swarm of flying tofu by beating them back with baseball bats. There are 5 difficulty modes, which can be multiplied by 11 speed settings. You can play with a friend in coop. You can even add two more players on keyboards to control the tofu itself, for an extra challenge.

Motion Control is pretty easy to pick up. Most people in are able to get the feel of it in a few rounds, once they realize the faster they swing their virtual bats, the harder the tofu get hit. One player was able beat the easy and normal levels on their first try.

Tofu Alley is a part of an effort to increase visibility and adoption of motion control technology. Currently, motion control is rare. As of 2012, there are still only 4 titles that use the controllers beyond keyboard/mouse replacement. The game's source is visible for tinkering, and morphing into your own motion control game. Although it's 1400 lines of python code may sound scary, it's highly documented, and designed for any gamer to understand.

As more people see the benefits of motion control, more companies will be able allocate resources to developing motion control games. So, even if you don't have a hydra yet, share the page, check the videos, tell your friends, and spread the news: motion control is awesome.

Get the Game: Indiedb.com

More Details: Bricklightstudios.com

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