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Just more talk about the game's update in Unity so far and the level design progress.

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Hey everyone.
Today, the level's second floor was started in terms of design.
It's coming along greatly, and so far it's good.
There is.. a slight complication that I've learned today.
As of now, there was talk of me getting a newer, better, PC, but that talk is diminished.
I'm unable to get a new one any time soon and while I'm severely disappointed in that fact, I can and will still continue game development regardless - Until my computer can't handle it, if it becomes that bad.
Being that my computer is about 11 years old at this point, there are lots of issues I've started to gain.
But hey.
Regardless, game production continues!
The next image update will be tomorrow, and then I'll possibly start trying to animate cutscenes as soon as level one is completed in design.
That's all for now though, guys!

And, as usual,
Stay classy, folks.

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