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I write a letter to you. To whoever is reading this. I hope you can understand.

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First of all, I'm sorry if you encounter any grammar mistake. English is not my native language. Greetings, you can call me Tom. I am a game-developer from Argentina. I've been developing games since I was 13 years old.

I really like what I do. Recently, I started publishing my own games. I know they are not perfect yet they are excellent to me. I put my heart and soul when designing, programming and finishing my projects. Even if I keep them to myself. A lot of people recognize that effort and support me morally, sometimes even financially. I don't make money with my games, probably because I am not very know and I just publish 3 of my many projects I start. It's hard for me to keep on working on a game for too long. I get bored and the inspiration just fades away. I learned how to control it and I kept working on my now 3 published games: Mirror (currently working on it), Darkness and Rooms. I have new projects in mind, I have a lot of progress and I could easily finish them: Lone Survivor - The Lost Experiment, The Tower, Deviant and many more. I use the money I get from selling Unity Asset Store to acquire new assets for my games. It is a constant inversion. I guess it goes well for what I can see.

As you see, I am actively working on new projects and I love it. A lot of people can see it and a lot of people cannot. Unfortunately, part my own family can't see what I do. For them, I just play computer games all day. They think I won't get anything from this and I am just wasting my life. I don't want to say who is against it, I can assure you most of my family is. I don't think I have to publicly expose them even though they are like this, even though I truly believe they deserve it. I don't want to fight anymore. I find it useless. I know, for sure, I am not wasting anything. I am happy with who I am even though they say I am a loser, a freak, stupid, a weirdo or whatever. I got used to the insults and I carried on. My patience ends now, so as my silence. I feel tortured in this house, therefor I decided to leave and live by my own. I can pay the rent with no problem, so luckily I am in no desperate need of money. Thanks you Universe, I guess.

To tell you a little bit about my life, I was bullied throughout my entire school life. These people insulted me and mocked me. I was the weirdo in the class. I almost took my own life and I wrote plenty suicide letters that I have burned. Yet the insults and mocking kept on going in my home. Where I was a abnormal kid that didn't have any friends (I had only 2 good friends). My classmates started to make fun of me because of my sexuality, I invite you to imagine the commonly used insults for a weird bisexual person that liked to study. The thing is that not everyone in my family accepted it. I was kicked out of my house, again. I've spent 14 years in therapy, no psychologist helped. I tried a coaching program and I really liked it. It definitely changed my life. Thanks to that I am not blind anymore and I can now see that this is not healthy, it is damaging me both physically and mentally.I have a few friends and I trust little people yet I am not a bad person. In fact, I am a regular guy who enjoys staying at his home while playing and developing games, watching movies and going to the movies with my friends and occasionally go out, get something to eat with my couple and/or my friends instead of crazy parties and alcohol. I have a peaceful life and due to that part of my family thinks that I am what they think I am. I have used every resource within my power to try to get along with them yet all attempts failed.

So now I write this to let you know that I will fight for my dreams, I want to make games and get paid for that. I want to create my own games. I want to live like this. It is what I like. I feel that I wasn't totally honest all this time and now that time is over. Therefore this letter.

If you want to support an indie-developer, please don't hesitate to check my games and other projects. If you can financially support my projects and do it, please know I will be very thankful.

Thanks to all those who supported me and hopefully I can be happy with this. My lifestyle. My happiness. My true-self. My dreams.

Patreon - Patreon.com

Kind regards,


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