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We are releasing the final version of To The Sea! We hope you enjoy.

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Hello Everyone! Today is an exciting day. We are releasing the final build of To The Sea!

For the final build of our project, we focused on responding to feedback and fixing bugs rather than adding lots of new features. One of our main pieces of feedback was that our guidance was ineffective when players could zoom past the text, but we noticed they understood the instructions when they read it. In response, we made it so that the player pauses and has to confirm that they’ve read each piece of guidance before proceeding. While it is still ignorable, the player will consciously click to ignore the guidance instead of just going past the guidance checkpoints. Another important bit of feedback we received was to have more levels, more variety in level designs, and a clearer progressing in level difficulty. We put a lot of time into building new levels (as well as a bonus level!!) so now the experience should be more fun!

We made sure that all of the changes were done in such a manner such that: 1) they were not massive and potentially game-breaking, instead limiting them to little tweaks, 2) they didn’t impact our gameplay features which got positive feedback last week.

Link to Build: Drive.google.com





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