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I announce that Y.o.l.o. is going into beta and my decision to stop public tests.

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Alright, I've got some news that may or not be important to you guys reading this but I want this to be official. Recently I posted an ad asking for testers, and with an overwhelming amount of responses I've decided to stop doing public tests. With the Y.o.l.o. getting closer and closer to completion I want to begin to stop relying solely on public tests. As much as I like public tests I can't have every update for the game be public, especially if there would be any money made from the game. That's not saying Y.o.l.o.'s going to cost money, I just want to keep that option open. If anyone still wants to be a tester, I'm still accepting until the 13th. If you sign up you're not guaranteed a tester spot. I'm only picking people that I feel would be well qualified. By that I mean that I'm not picking people that just say "I want to be tester" or "Can I be a tester". Only people that actually give me a valid reason to be a tester will be a tester.

If you want to keep up to date on a near daily basis, be sure to follow us on twitter where I'll update more often than the blog. Whenever I post a new blog entree
(blog found here: deltamonkey.webs.com) I always spend at least 7 minutes writing the post. However with Twitter it only takes me 30 seconds to tweet something. If you didn't know it yet, the twitter is @BrytonFreewater . It was originally a twitter for my alias but I've re-purposed it to be a company twitter since I lost the password to the original one.

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