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This is all info about my ideas for the future. Article contains also information what I am trying to implement. If you feel, that you would like to help - you will find what kind of help I would apreciate. If you are just curious about thing that gonna happen with this mod, just check this article.

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6. TO BE DONE! (or: this should be done, but there are only 24 hours in a day)

There is a lot to be done. Please, remember, that 12 months ago I knew nothing about modding. No coding, no textures, no models, nothing about modding in Warband. So if something waits to be done, it is because I don't have time for it. I try to choose such mechanics that allow in most manner change world.

  • NEW WORLD MAP. (please contact me if you know how to do it, you're map creator or just wanna participate in this project). I know that there are some OSP, but for now I don't have time to get to it.

  • change game reality that having very high honour or very low has equal bonuses (eg. Possibility of recruiting soldiers from bandit, outlaws parties). To be done: whole 'evil career'.

  • something with the recognizing male/female script. Unfortunatelly, just for now, other races are treated by game engine like females.

  • Dialogs for remodelled companions. They have new look and you can imagine their stories, but there should be new dialogs

  • Unfortunatelly for the game feeling, there are mostly "old", vannila dialogs. The official worlds name is still Calradia.

  • some more options for diplomacy

  • I think there is some space for new factions or cultures. But I think that I'll get into it after I make a new map.

  • Possibility to do a huge once-at-a-game upgrade of your character. This should come with great benefits, and some handicaps. For example – one I have in mind:

    CYBORGIZE – if you cyborgize yourself you given ability to use (create?) high-tech equipment like plasma throwers. Strength and Agility doubles, but Charisma is halved as all cyborgised beings use different language. This act should give option to cyborgize some of your best troops.

    CORRUPT BY EVIL – you become Sidh, super-agile magic user with lightsabre.

    GOLEMIZE – gain ability to use canons as firearms, gain strenght... This are just ideas, now I have to think how to implement them into game mechanics.

  • If late-game would be too easy I think about adding one super unit (BOSS), that would be avaiable to npc lords, but not the player. This would make TOTAL FREEDOM game feature obsolete, but could balance game in-favor of npc. Player is more intelligent, has more options to wage wars, conquest world. This "ultimative hero", for example, giant golem firing huge balls from medieval cannon could be something like super-boss at every battle. This could make battles more exciting.

  • More alternate weapon modes for best weapons. I'd like to give alternate weapon mode for lightsaber, or energy blasters.

  • More artifacts that gain experience and levels (there is just one by now).

  • Graphics improvements. As you can see, this mod has rather poor graphics. I didn't anything to improve original game graph. I believe in imagination. More – I believe that the better graphic, there is less space for your own imagination. I like games to be suggestive, not perfect.

  • I would love to create CREATURES faction. Recruitable and playable beholder, cthulhu mythology creatures, wild animals, flying dragons, huge calmars... This kind of creatures. I can make textures myself, but 3d models, animations this kind of help I apreciate.

  • MULTIPLAYER. I don't play multi, but I am aware that it could be a fun watching warrior from all factions waging mini-battles in warband scenery. I will try incorparote some basic soldiers, and weaons, armors and so on to make it playable. My only problem is I think it can be hard to balance. If someone thinks that he is able, capable of doing multi or can "donate" as osp additional sceneries, add factions like Lost Legion to multi – well just let me know. I have a few days before at least I will send paradigm worlds online, so there is a big chance that there will be some basic play with updated items and factions just to try out fun it could give to all of us (I hope).

  • Political system. I would like to create simple mechanism which would bind each faction with certain bonus and disadvanteges. For example, there could be: cost of the troop, morale of party, healing rate of lord's parties, tax inneficiency rate, and so on dependent on actual chosen faction and its politics.

  • NPC parties gain xp based on its lord trainer skill every 24 h (there is simple_trigger which check amount of parties every 24h I just need to modify it to cheack hero-parties, then check this hero trainer skill and then add xp to this party, I know there are people on the forum who could help me with that, but if you are willing to help, please, again let me know).

As you see I have a lot of ideas, there a huge space for improvements. I'd like to do it all and do it now! But I would also give you chance to play – even beta – or early version of this mod as soon as I think it can provide fresh and interesting challenge. The more approval from your side there will be, the more chance I will get additional help, or have strenght to work on the mod.

Work in progress:

  • ORDER TROOPS – theese are elite custom troops with best weapons possible

  • Ninjas! This world needs ninjas as bandits and as a special partizan troops for Alien Shogunate. (i am looking for the right 3d models)

  • SCENES. Once again – I cannot do everything, and to learn how to edit new scenes I need a lot of time. If anyone is willing to help me with this subject – please contact me.

  • HELP NEEDED BADLY! - Mumakils from TLD / animation&coding (I would like to get this improvement to the Paradigm Worlds)

  • World map – this is very important to create a map that will be not to big, not to small and interesting to players. Once again – I apreciate any help with that.

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