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i wish somme help for the custom story. (if you wish to helps just comments here.)

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Hey guys it's me Red. I need a help for scripting things. For the introduction i wish to making a monster appears when the player try to open a locked door (that is impossible to open anyway) and making warping in the title screen of the custom story: 'The Orb of Nightmares'. As for some items names or messages i need an help :/ when i try to making messages works it's not working and or worse when i try to adding a script in the '.hps' files from the corresponded map the game crash and close itself… so yeah i need some help for thoses and making monster appears when the player does certain actions like take an item or interact with certain objects. I also need to know how making a warp zone without using doors. Also it's possible to making title screen appears in the custom story for the introduction cutscreen ?

If you wish to give me an hand just send me a PM and i'll give you the zip file of the custom story.

I may need more help some day so that's why i'll never close it (we cannot be too careful.). So here, the article is open for everyone now. (I really wanted the naked corps jumpscare XD )

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