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Update comes for both full game and the demo version.

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Hello! Version update is all about usability and difficulty.

The hardest part of the game is to gain the hardest achievements, like defeating all bosses without fails, for example, so I've decided to make the regular part of the game a bit easier. From now, supply containers will have a little more armor scraps, and the armor scraps themselves will restore a little more armor. Also, activating any checkpoint for the first time will restore 40% of armor if you had less at the moment of the checkpoint activation.

In order to make the interface more informative, I've decided to add a context button that appears when you intersect with any interactive objects. This will be very useful especially in case when you approach a hidden dialogue but will also help to make an additional highlight of terminals and environmental weapons.

Energy flash indicator that is also added with this update will help you to see when gun or shield energy is not sufficient to perform corresponding actions. And the armor flash indicator will help you to see when your armor is critically low, so you'll be able to take countermeasures earlier.

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The update is already available on Steam. Updated demo version is available both and Steam and IndieDB. Have fun playing! :)

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