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Level improvements, new protagonist look, new enemy, and more!

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Hello everyone, and please let me demonstrate some things I've made since the last video. As you can see, there are some prototype level improvements, new enemy, and fully functional exoskeleton with new look.

Drone Unit - the new enemy, consists of base (that looks similar to turrets) and drones that act in small packs. If you got cought on camera or destroyed one, base will spawn 3 drones to attack you. If you want to avoid that combat, you can use Shock Shot to disable camera for a few seconds and slip unniticed.

Titanium Hound exoskeleton now has all basic features and new look with all animations implemented. Shock Shot now works properly. When you move while Shield is active your enter the Dash state in which you move faster, jump higher, and can do collision damage to destructable objects.


Looks good but the pilot profile pic is a tad too big. Looks like you want to use these as cutscenes but I feel like during gameplay, it should be smaller or just not there.

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RedSpotSylphina Author

Maybe you are right. This is not the first time I see such suggestion. I'll probably make the portrait smaller at some point.

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