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Times Are Hard: A simulation of Living in a time of War and Turmoil. Become an officer or even a general.Prove yourself as a capable commander. A Mod inspired by The Tv Show "Turn"

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I am Happy to announce that after much Hard work me and my team Have been able to Cook up a playable version of TAH. We are very excited to see what the players think of it. Here is a summary of what to expect:

In TAH you will be able to Role play as a citizen of Country. A simple Farmer, soldier, officer, or even a general! Your Goal is to have fun But be aware that war will always be around the corner, We encourage battles and war among the factions. Will you server loyally to your commander or will you betray him and pull back while you see the Enemy overtake his flank? You are in charge of your story, will your name go down in history! With a Renown and Honor system you will be able to identify players. Towns and villages will be alive with Npc running about doing daily activities. Long gone are the days of static scenes. Everything in the scene will be dynamic. We are keeping the traditional Capture points. By pressing F on a capture point you will gain that territory. But we are introducing a new way of ending a war. By killing the Commander inside the Enemy Headquarters you will automatically End the war with that Faction. Each Faction will Have a Commander inside their Headquarters, When killed it will have a negative Economic and military effect on that faction. More news and info to come!

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