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short timeline, and a quick explanation of the state of the world

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100- Men discover the Pale King in the Deep, and declare it a god. The beginning of blood worship and consumption, and the creation of the Beast-Men and Halfbloods.

150- Men first come to the surface, where dragons reign over all. Men and Giants declare their first kings, who in turn swear fealty to the dragons. Beginning of dragon worship among the giants and some men.

250- Men revolt against the dragons, who are supported by the giants. Dragons and Giants are almost exterminated, with the former leaving the continent and the latter fleeing to the frozen north.
Men discover more slumbdering "gods" scattered throughout the world. Formal founding of the Church of Enlightenment, which gives God's blood to all people, not just priests.

250-500- Varied cultures and religions develop as the deep-men spread throughout the continent

500- "Saint" Wilhelm, in secret, invents a fake god's blood, as many gods are near death from blood extraction. This fake blood causes many more people to turn into beasts and half-bloods, leading to a plague of beasts throughout the lands. Half-Bloods found their own kingdom, due to extensive persecution.

500-630- Founding of many different orders dedicated to combating the beast plague (In-game represented by holy orders)

630-Founding of the Kingdom of the Crag, which quickly comes to dominate the heartlands

910-Beast plague reaches cataclysmic levels

930- Start date

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