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As those of you who are following the game know, the engine is functioning well, and the artwork is looking nice. That's not all to a game, though. It's time to build levels and make the game worth attention!

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Time to actually build this game into something! The foundation for a game is there, and it's looking nice, but it's time to take a step further than that.

Technically, from this point I would still call the game complete. You can play it from beginning to end, with no problems. Updates from here are planned to expand on that, and add more content and mechanics.

I have my own plans for it, of course. My first thought is a puzzle platformer based on dungeons. I know, dungeons sound strange in a 2D platformer, but it's getting done anyway. Get ready to find those keys!

In the meantime, I'm still up in the air about specific designs. Those of you who have played On a Rainy Day so far:

What are your opinions on the direction of the game?

What works so far, and what doesn't?

What kinds of things would you like to see in the game?

I need input from the players to make this game the best it could be.

Thanks for playing!

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