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Music is a very important media for a cinematic videogame like Reverse: Time Collapse. Tim Besamusca created the main theme, titled "Time is collapsing". Let's see how!

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For a videogame with cinematic purposes like Reverse: Time Collapse (subscribe to OUR NEWSLETTER to let it happen!), a essential element is music. It is a very engaging media that can really convey emotions in certain directions. A movie trailer can change mood with a different music. War images can inspire sadness with a sweet piano theme or epicness and dominion with an orchestrated choir-based motif.

Tim Besamusca, award winning musician best known for his soundtracks for Audi, The Secret Circle and Jersey Shore, created the music for the videogame.

Time is collapsing

We had a list of 8 composers we would have loved to work with. We began getting in touch with them but we suddenly felt a special empathy with Tim. He joined our team from the very beginning when the entire game was just a concept, so he started working just after reading our design document. We wanted a mixture of classic and modern style, to reflect the overall artistic direction of the game. We love Hans Zimmer and our starting point was the incredible Inception soundtrack, so we asked for a theme with an arrangement between an orchestral epic music and a dubstep modern song. Before let you listen to the final track, read what Tim himself said:

Meangrip Game Studios contacted me back in 2014 after they heard some of my music, namely The Final Stand (Youtube.com). They were looking for a similar style of music for Reverse – Time Collapse. An epic hollywood style orchestra combined with modern synth sounds and drums.They send me a design document for the game so I could get familiar with the main idea and concepts. Based on this I created about 10 different themes/melodies! The melodies needed to be strong and very recognizable so I could easily re-use them in the different settings and time-periods of the game.We eventually ended up choosing 2 of those which you can now hear in the final theme song. Later on I also created a piano version of the theme.Reverse – Time collapse has a huge scope in terms of environments and settings so there are lots of possibilities for the music. I really like blending modern synthesizers with a more traditional orchestra so I’m looking forward to creating more music for the game! –Tim Besamusca

Now, listen to the videogame main theme, called (guess the inspiration!) “Time is collapsing”:

Tim also re-arranged the theme for piano:

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