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Got some bad news but we aren't dead. My modeler doesn't want to model and my website builder broke down... so yeah... development is going to be slow for the next few weeks or so...

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Ok... Its been a while and we haven't updated recently. My website builder broke down on me so the website won't be getting any updates for a little while :( . The mod is not dead but my modeler, modle maker, or whatever you call it, doesn't want to do the modeling right now. He is to busy with Halo 3 stuff. I'll make some of the simple models but I really am not good at making NPCs, weapons (but the gun is my design), or even small models to make the map look better. I'm just not good at making models. Developing is going to be slow for the next few weeks or months but I promise you... WE ARE NOT DEAD! I'm working on putting together a trailer with some new maps or something like that.

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