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A brief update for some of the tool work I have been doing lately.

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Hello everyone,

We are very happy to announce that we have made some progress this week. I have implemented a tile system for Unity 5.3. If I can clean it up a little bit I may release it for public use. There are some limitations to using tiles in Unity though.

The other objective for Rolo Polo – Roland's Quest is the capability to procedurally generate different levels. I have completed the first phase of testing (a basic implementation of Prim's algorithm). I will be adding some finishing touches and making the different rooms larger so it will not be so obvious. Some of the levels in Rolo Polo -Roland's Quest will be static, others will be dynamic and different every time you play. The world itself will by some what dynamic, so you will never know where the specific entrance is for each of the levels will be.

I will probably spend next week gathering resources and organizing a project folder.

Dr. Towle

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