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Some initial UI designs of the player-manager overview screen.

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The core of Tiki Taka Soccer is taking a team of average players to the top of club football.

As well as playing the matches the RPG style management element gives you more control over your team and your own manager abilities which directly influence your team.

This screen is the hub of your management area. It provides a quick preview at everything you need to know before you play your next match. If you spot some element of your team which requires managing you can move to the more detailed screens or if everything look ok? then quickly move ahead to the next match and earn more cash and experience!

Also note the incidents listed alongside your fixtures - these are randomly generated positive and negative issues that arise based on the crazy world of club football. They can effect you, your team and the opposition.

Tiki Taka Soccer player-manager overview design

Tiki Taka Soccer player-manager overview design

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