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A quick video showing some current and Old Projects from Tijital Games.

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Tijit recently put together this video showing off some current and old projects of Tijital Games. There's a section on IWBTFG with some previously unseen areas in it, so I thought you guys might like a look! Enjoy.

Info on All of the games Shown, In Order:

1. tijital-adventure
This is for a battle at robosquid - the idea is to make a "happy", or more specifically "non-violent" game. I might spend a few hours on the level design. The goal is to rescue all your brothers and sisters, who got lost. The sibling you pick up says something like "watch out for that quicksand, it's dangerous".. you can't really tell from this vid, but you're getting sucked into the ground at some points.

2. Unnamed fps
idk what this is all about.. just a big clusterfuck of random atm. The trees grow spikes and cut you down.. that's always fun

3. Taijou/ship1 (segments from the game "Dave Thinks You're Shit")
Go get the demo here: Mediafire.com

4. I wanna be the Fangame!
Exclusive and obscure new footage! GOOMBAS GOOMBAS GOOMBAS!
Download beta v3 here: Mediafire.com...

5. tijital-marble
This is soo close to being complete. It has music now, and will be released some time in the next couple of weeks for sure. The demo: Mediafire.com...

6. tijital-zombie
This game is finished, I just haven't been bothered to release it yet. Once again, within the next couple of weeks. It was originally created as a 2-hour "make a game" competition at Robosquid.com but I decided to keep making levels and finish it. I won too :P
^the 2-hour demo version there is in GM6 format, so you'll need a registered copy of Game Maker 6.1 or above to play it.

Created by me under the aliases Shock Value/RedAfro, for the pseudo-album "Shock Value: Volume 02". It's called Textured: Smooth. You can listen to the original track here: Furaffinity.net
An up to date list of all my music can be found here: Robosquid.com...

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