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Post news RSS Tidal Fall: Gameplay Demo Released!

A small demo of the gameplay in Tidal Fall. Play through five levels and experience unique platforming mechanics.

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Toodles, y'all! o/

Yep, I finally got a demo for Tidal Fall working! [:P] The build is only intended to demonstrate the mechanics aspect of the game, with art, sound, and all other components firmly in the non-final category.

So far there are downloads available for Mac, PC, and Linux. Normally I would have an online version, but Google is a jerk and removed the code that Unity's webplayer runs on. If anyone wants to test this out on an additional platform, drop me a comment below.

All the downloads are available in, funnily enough, the Downloads section. [:P]

So yeah, I hope there's no glitches. [:P] Lookin' forward to seeing what everyone thinks. [;)]

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