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Post news RSS Three Dead Zed - Demo released and Enhanced Edition - 70% off!

Three Dead Zed is better than ever! Featuring a new engine, new graphics, new music, new effects, and more cats!

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Thanks for stopping in!

Just in time for Halloween, we proudly present Three Dead Zed: Enhanced Edition! Although the game is "patched" to version 2.0, it is actually a complete rewrite of the game engine. The game now features:

  • Increased resolution
  • More stages
  • In-game achievements
  • New music and voice narration
  • New hazards
  • Beautiful lighting
  • Improved story

Please check out the video at the bottom of this post featuring just some of the enhancements we've done. We've also included a demo for you to try the game for yourself.

The unfortunate news
Some of you may notice that the enhanced edition is not part of the Linux or Mac builds. While those builds are still available, at this current time, Three Dead Zed unfortunately only goes up to 1.5 for these operating systems. A lot of factors went into this decision. The biggest hurdle we faced was the lack of Adobe AIR support in Linux. Adobe AIR itself became limiting on the enhancements we wanted to do. Compound all of that with an effort to bring the game to the Xbox 360 Indie Channel, we played to our strengths and we rewrote the game utilizing the XNA framework. This does not mean we have forgotten or have given up on these operating systems, so please do not give up on us. As development lead, It breaks my heart to not have Linux and Mac builds of Three Dead Zed - Enhanced Edition.

One of my favorite quotes comes from Capsule Computers when they stated, "Three Dead Zed is a labour of love." I'm sure all game developers feel this way about their work, but to have someone else notice it is rewarding. Three Dead Zed isn't a success story. It's barely even noticed. We didn't want to leave the game in a state where people thought it was just a beta either. We hope for your understanding and patience with us. Three Dead Zed can use exposure. The more we aren't obscure, the faster we can properly port the game to more operating systems.

In celebration of both Halloween and this new release, we're introducing a 70% off sale through October 31. We hope you enjoy this build of the game as we enjoyed making it!

Fabian Florez
Director, Gentleman Squid Studio


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