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That's right, Those Who Remain is arriving on May 15th.

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Those Who Remain started with a very simple premise. We wanted to create a game where we could play around with lights and darkness; where the player would die if he stepped into the dark. It all started with this simple idea.

It sounded great on paper, but when we built a prototype to test the mechanics... it just didn't work. Light gets gradually dark, so it's impossible to visually explain to the player where it's safe and where it's dangerous.
So we scrapped the original plan, but kept working on the same idea, a game where darkness would be dangerous.

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But we added so much more: dimensional portals; moral choices; different endings;
and the game grew and grew and three years later, here we are now, announcing with great excitement that the game will release on May 15th.

So, very soon you'll be able to play as Edward and visit the accursed Dormont and find out what the hell is going on with that place.
Why is Edward in Dormont? Why is everything dark? What are these strange portals?
Too many questions, but if you get what it takes to get to the end, you'll get the answers.


It's been a lot of work, and it wouldn't have been possible to have the game as it is today without the help of our great partners: Wired Productions and Whisper Games.

The countdown starts - we hope to see you in Dormont.

Sending our love from PAX East!

Oh and last but not least, here's the release trailer!

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