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New demo available adding, neutral aircraft, an airframe selection screen at the start of new games, the ability to collect build points as the game is played and most importantly - the ability to hire and fire crew!

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r005 of Those Magnificent Men now available!

A few more features have been added:

  • Neutral aircraft (they won't attack you, but feel fee to shoot them down for fun!)
  • Additional Build Points are now collected as the game is played by completing jobs, landing perfectly and shooting down aircraft. These enable bigger and better airframe to be made in the designer.
  • Airframe selection screen at the start of new games to chose your own creations.
  • The ability to hire and fire crew.

Five types of crew member can be hired:

  • Gunners - enable you to fire bullets 360° to your direction via a second virtual joystick,
  • Tuners - give you a speed boost,
  • Mechanics - repair your aircraft gradually in real-time,
  • Dealers - give you discount at airfields for stock and parts
  • Cargo Packers - enable you to stuff that little bit more into your airframe.

Here's a video of the features in action:

Demo [r005] available now:

Here's a screenie of new crew screen, again all the names were generated by a human:

The full change log:

  • Neutral aircraft appear when flying - avoid, shoot or ignore them.
  • Build Points can be obtained by landing, completing jobs and shooting enemies. Points are carried over for each game.
  • Airframe selection screen so you can select which airframe and what colour to start the game with.
  • Hire a motly Crew: Gunners provide you with a second on-screen joystick so that you can fire in 360°, Mechanics repair your aircraft in real-time, Tuners boost the speed of your aircraft, Dealers give you a discount on buying stuff, Packers give you a little more room to store stuff.


  • Location names increased from 975 to 990.
  • Additional coastline images added.
  • Groups renamed.
  • Group logos and distances added to available jobs.
  • Location markers updated to show the groiup colours of the controlling group for that location.
  • Lift for large wing increased by 50% for balancing
  • Damage replaced by Strength on flying screen to be more intuitive.
  • Initial Build Points reduced by 1000
  • Airframes cannot be created if they do not pass checks for wings, lift, engines and tails.
  • Collision detection for aircraft and birds improved.
  • The default Wolrossi airframe now coloured white to enable custom colouring.


  • Fixed 'red/green' cash bug.
  • Fixed crashing enemy bug.
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