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An update for Ignarus, this week will show a lot of the new content created over the past few weeks.

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Hey there everybody, I'm back for another update!

I've managed to get quite a bit done this week for maps, and eventing.

I've spent 2 solid weeks creating the swamp depths dungeon, and I've got to say that i'm content with what has been created and implemented so far. - Like everywhere else in the game, there is reason to explore, and come back to this area in the future as it may hold secrets that are not yet acquireable.

-Hammer implemented! - With this weapon, one can destroy boulders, and smash enemies for massive damage. Beware, the hammer is fairly slow.

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-Mini boss for swamp implemented!

-Boss a work in progress!

-New musician to help with creation of music.

- 2 skills in development.

-A grand total of 12 fairly large size maps have been created since last update

-The new Trailer video created, check it out if you haven't yet!

-More junk food eaten.

-and so much more!

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