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rand new CoS Hotbar revealed! It's slicker, easier to use and has a new feature you'll love!

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This is a repost from City of Steam Art Dev Journa

We’ve redone our hotbar, we felt it wasn’t HOT enough (Rotten tomatoes are to your left, no, my left) and we’re going to tell you the how and why. But before we do that we’re going to show you the one we have now for the people who haven’t had the chance to play the game yet (Get access right now here!):

Pretty rad right? We think so anyway. The elements are from left to right: Steambike, health indicator, Block, skill hotkeys: 5 top, 5 bottom, top 5 skill bar toggle, 2 jab hotkeys, the different weapon configurations for easy switching, sheath/unsheathe weapon, steam indicator and pet.

We liked the basic concept of this configuration, but our GUI (phonetically “gooey” but it shouldn’t be as sticky) designer said that he had a plan to make it better! The current one was a little thick and sometimes got in the way of other UI elements, so our designer took on the quest to make the UI, slicker, cleaner and more streamlined and more Steampunk… all at the same time.

And there is! From left to right the elements now are: Health indicator, 10 Skill hotkeys, 2 jab hotkeys, emotes, Steambike, pet, sheath/unsheathe weapon and steam indicator.
But wait, EMOTES??? Yes emotes! /gasp! We’ve added the button now and the actual emotes will follow very closely; it’s actually been the most highly requested social feature for a while now! We’ll keep you updated on which emotes and when they’re going to be implemented on the forums. But let me tell you, we’re all pretty /happy about it as well. (/yay, /me does victory dance)
As you can see we’ve reshuffled some of the elements, took away the block icon (you can still use Q to block though), we’ve put all 10 skill slots on a single bar and made the weapon configuration switcher a floating element.

We’re really curious about what you guys think, so please let us know in the topic!

Also, to tease you a little, we’re thinking of changing some of the other UI elements in the game in line with this style, so more saved screen-space, more awesome Steampunk styling and better readability! What would you like to see?


the original wasnt bad at all but this is even better.

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What system did you use to create this GUI and where did you learn it? Being a developer myself, there are multiple ways of doing your GUI in Unity, but some options are either a bad idea (like current OnGUI, since it will become obsolete soon) or severely limited or even broken.

Care to share what method did you create your GUI in Unity? Would be much appreciated.

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CoS_Ethan Author

Hi, the GUI was actually designed and put together in Photoshop first, then implemented in Unity.

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Implemented in what way? Is it based on OnGUI, NGUI, a custom solution? The technical the part I'm most curious about.

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