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I don't know if this CS has been seen as discontinued or whatever you may call it. I understand that the last update was 3 weeks ago and I just put up some screenshots today. I've been working on it bit by bit and I have another map started, and its going to be a much larger one, so it takes me a lot more time to work on and on top of that I'm going back and improving the other maps and adding extra ambient sound effects.

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For what I have planned for this CS will make it a lot of work, but it's coming along nicely. The test version that I have released is probably only 10% of the work that I know that I want done. Right now I'm probably only at 12-13%, but I am still working on it. It may be a few percents for the few weeks, but I've made the last map in the test release longer, and I have a ton of work to do on the new map 'Archives', which is going to be a bit large and lengthy to go through. I've also been focusing on detail and ambiance on currently existing maps which has been most of these three weeks. I hope that I can get another test version out soon, but it doesn't look like it. So I'm either going to wait until release, or release at least one more test version. Please be patient everyone, I want this to be the best I can make it. :D

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