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Just a short little blurb about how this game came to be.

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OK, now, here's a quick dev story about this game.

This was hell to finish, but not because was hard. It was started many years ago when I was still in school & I work on it off & on, the file got lost for a while & eventually I give up on it all together. But I ended up deciding to finish the damn thing. Because whenever I started a new project, it always bug me that I never finish one of my very first projects.

So I updated it from Game Maker 7 to 8 (which is now also out of date). I remade most of the graphics, changed a few things & added some stuff. Then a little bug fixing later & it was FINALLY done.

Now I can work on other things without this game flouting over my head mocking me. & unlike when this whole thing started, I know (more or less) what I'm doing. So my next games shouldn't take nearly as long to get done.

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