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We've been productive as heck, here is some of what we've been working on.

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We added this mob, who spits stabby bits at you, but the jokes on him because you can shoot them right back at him

I mostly finished the minimap, and made it upgradeable using amethyst gems.

Added roots that grow under dirt sometimes, if you break them they drop plant fibers which can be used in crafting.

We’ve been working on the game for 2 years now and I only just now added a simple wooden door. I’d like to do a bit more with the animation, but its functional for now.

Made arrows more “immersive”

Added this hot ball:

Implemented chicken feed and made chickens flip out when you attack them:

I also started working on making fire more dynamic.

We also worked on a bunch of other stuff that was probably too boring to make a gifs of.


Adventures of the demented space survivor! :D

Now this is emergent gameplay at its finest! Really looking forward to this game, both as a survival experience and getting into hilarious situations like the gifs showed here.

By the way, do you think extra animation on the door and similar objects is necessary?

I wouldn't mind if it didn't, since not bothering on it would save you time, allowing you to focus on adding more content, instead of settings up such high standards for individual objects, making new additions to the game more time consuming.

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luciddream00 Author

Haha glad the game comes across well =) I don't think doing additional animation stuff on the door is absolutely vital, its more of a "if I think of a simple easy way to do it" kind of feature.

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Can´t wait to play this game^^.I hope I can farm that first mob to get arrows(kinda like farming spider silk in DF).Awesome work:D

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I have to say, this really looks weird but I can tell your putting in a lot of effort. Keep up the good work.

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This game looks awesome. Spectacular work on the physics. I'll be keeping on eye on this game for sure.

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