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Things we need that you can help us with by becoming a patreon!

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Hello, everyone!

I would like to take a moment to share with everyone things we need that will really help us make this game better. And you can help us by becoming a patreon! or donating directly to us here.



Here are some of the 3D models I would like to get for the game that will make the game much better!

The first thing I would like to get for the game. Is a set of new mechs!

This is a modular mech set that we desperately want. They are all animated as well. And will really help us with the other units mech animations too!

Mech robots modular construction kit.


Separate legs, hands, feet, bases, heads, and weapons allow thousands of robots variations.

-5 sets of heavy mechs, 5 medium, 4 light. Each part is cross compatible. (Heavy legs can be used, with light hands, etc.)

-26 texture skins for each mesh parts

-2048x2048 .jpg single texture pattern. Normal, specular, illumination and gloss maps.

With this set of mechs. It will help us make a new system I been thinking about. Sort of like a Build a mech workshop.

The second set if models I would like to get for the game is even more mechs!

This package contains 4 more mech units. That we can use the animations with. But also comes with 15 different weapons! I want this model pack for the new weapons. Because Assault Knights already have interchangeable weapons. This will give us a lot better looking weapons for the mechs as well. Here is the link to the

Mech robots mega pack I want to get for the game as well.

Mech Robot Mega Pack


Fully rigged and animated 3D Mech robots pack.

Optimized for real-time engines and suitable for high-quality renders.

4 unique robot meshes.

26 texture skins styles (2048x2048 .jpg) for each model.

+ .PSD files included for easy generation hundreds of custom textures.

+15 weapons!

Bump, normal, specular and illumination maps included.

The next package I would like to get for Assault Knights is the Scifi Industrial Colony for the game from the website


Here is the link to it.

Scifi Industrial Colony.


This pack contains 40 unique models (4 buildings and 36 decoration

objects) and a sample scene. All houses have detailed interiors and

have an optional LOD stage (without interior). Textures come with

additional maps like normal, specular and height map.

Some of them also have opacity or glow maps.

I would like to use these buildings on some maps that will be indoor/outdoor environments. Because Assault Knights is a combined arms game. Where you can get in and out of your units at any time. And enter buildings as your leisure.

Next on the list from the same site. Are more buildings.

This is a Scifi city that I would like to get for the game as well. Here is the link.

Scifi City


Assault Knights as not only large outdoor terrain. But also large city maps as well.
And you can help us buy quite a few city buildings that would be perfect for the game. Here is a list of other city buildings we would like to get for the game too.

Night City

Modern City 1 2 and 3


Also, we could use some nice bridges and roads too.

Roads and Bridges

to go along with our city models.

And with new roads, we could also use a few vehicles to boot!
I think these would be really nice to be added to the game too.


Thunder Transporter

Armored Truck

I think for now this is a good list of things I would love to add to the game. And if you become a Patreon. You can help me accomplish my goals here. This is in no way the full list, though. But it does give you guys an idea of what I would like to add to the game. And I think with your help this can be accomplished.

There is still quite a few other things I would like to get too. Like 3D plant models, Rocks, and Vegetation. There are some nice plant models here I would like to get most of.


And Rocks


Anyway, thank you so much for taking the time to read this. And hopefully consider becoming a patreon or even directly donating to me, again here is the patreon page link. And the donation link.



Thank you so much.
Night Hawk.

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