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Just A List Of Things I Have Done And Things that Need To Be Done Before Release.

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  • Credits And Items
  • Health for Turrets and Barricades 13/02/2013
  • Health for player and mobs 12/02/2013 - 13/03/2013
  • Player to be able to attack 12/02/2013
  • Waves -- Working But Will Be Changed In Future 12/02/2013

Things That Will Be Added Later

  • Power
  • Generators
  • Skills
  • Upgrades
  • Ability's
  • Different modes
  • Barbed Wire
  • Different Types Of Mobs & Bosses
  • Way Better GUI

Also I want to add different ways of playing so if you like to make a base you can and while doing that you will go up skills that will make you better at making a base if you want to be a commando you can or if leading squads is your thing you can do that too. And instead of having classes you will get better by doing that type of playing. each game you start at 0 but killing hostiles with your gun you will get better perks for killing by yourself if you make stuff you will go up levels allowing the upgrading cheaper repair by having team mates they will get better but as you lead them for longer there AI will get better maybe these are all ideas and might seem like alot to do but i think by the 17'th i can get half way though the later list

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