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You can now modify and set all the game rules for your custom levels in real-time strategy, They Are Billions.

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Now you can set modify all the game rules for your custom levels.

Hello everyone!

We have been working for a while on improving and expanding the They Are Billions level editor. The first big update, available right now in the new version V1.1, allows to modify the rules of the game. You can now modify all the parameters of the units, buildings and enemies in your custom levels.
Every time we make this kind of modifications we have to be very careful because it can affect both the original game and the hundreds of levels that the community has created, any change must guarantee full compatibility with everything that already exists.

The modification of the rules is carried out by means of a function “ApplyRules ()” that can be used in any script of the game such as events, hordes, when activating objects or entering zones, at the beginning of the game…

Some random examples:

  • When you release a neutral soldier cornered by zombies, he reveals a technology that increases the attack of your units by 50%.
  • A new Titan is made available at a higher cost but with a doubled range shooting effect.
  • From the Command Center you can access a market to purchase unit and building upgrades.
  • A new type of random scenario with its own rules in which the infected are extremely active and nervous.

You will be able to create your own random survivals with your own rules.

We have updated the level editor guide on Steam that explains all the parameters and syntax with examples of this new functionality.

And that’s all for now. We are looking forward to playing the new scenarios created by the Community with their own rules.

See you soon!

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