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while saying a few, I mean allot. First one is there is no map system. Second we aim you we give you demos and a free release date in early 2013. This isn't a change but I am probably going to give you info and pics weekly. Also I am going to add more weapons to the game. Even if I have to use my own. And finally remember in level one you had the Danny room?, well the enemy in that and a bunch of others are going to be thrown in the final level. Even the members of the hippy gang and my friends

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when we talk about how am I going to fit all this in the game, simple!, all I am going to do is use the powerful and great tools of raycasting game maker. To use the engine it is quite simple. All you have to do is put down a player and make everything but the hard part. The hard part being the coding. I am getting a little off topic but you guys have to know how great it is.

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