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The deadline is fast approaching December 2, 2016, so be sure to enter your game for the SXSW Gamer’s Voice Single Player and Multiplayer awards soon and good luck!!

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SXSW Gaming Awards Trophies

Working at the office all day then going home to work on your game all night is a struggle but it’s worth it to make your game and be an indie developer. To honor those tireless hours and months of strain the SXSW Gaming Awards recognizes the indie community with two awards: the Gamer’s Voice Multiplayer and Gamer’s Voice Single Player awards.

Hundreds of incredible entries are submitted to us each year and a handful are selected to be showcased in their own complimentary booths at SXSW Gaming Expo in the Indie Corner. On the floor, the fans, the press, the gaming veterans, the gaming community play and vote for your game over the course of the three day show. On the evening of the final day we host the SXSW Gaming Awards where the nominees are given the spotlight and the winners are announced.

We accept and have nominated in the past everything from alphas/betas to released games because what we’re looking for is potential and skill. At the end of the day, your creativity and ability to bring a game to life is what’s most important.

The deadline is fast approaching December 2, 2016, so be sure to enter your game for Gamer’s Voice soon!

Check out last year's show right now!!



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