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Farathan Theme song - "Battles lost and Won" By an American compositor and musician @Phillip Nathaniel Freeman & his wife Lucy Freeman.

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Feel the world and climate of our game listening to the song.

Together with an American composer Phillip Freeman, we were trying to make something like Dragon born. Something that goes right into your mind and is not forgettable.

The process was fun. We told him about our world, and our game story and he came up with a song that can be played in all of our game taverns and be our main theme.

"Farathan, Farathan

Oh, Emperor Elrim Where oh where might thou be You conquered the old baron's land From the orcs you claimed you freed At the great battle of Calden You faded into the myst Since then thy word has whispered And left the empire adrift

Farathan, Farathan Oh battles lost and won Oh Farathan

Oh, Emperor Elrim Oh where has the empire gone We lost all the songs Oh it's been so damn long neither hide nor hare Goodbye and so long

Farathan, Farathan Oh battles lost and won

Oh Farathan

Oh Fromir, Disara, and Balo Tell us when ye shall come From the shadows of old Where legends are told And darkness overruns

Farathan, Farathan Oh battles lost and won Oh Farathan

Eristan Oh Eristan Take up your righteous aim May the blessings of Estii And the Goddess of Kirkewall guide you through mountains and plains From the edges of Kirkewall CityTo the darkness of the forest unknown With Sartorians and and Dahgheir Side by Side May we claim your rightful throne

Farathan, Farathan Oh battles lost and won Oh Farathan"

The first two verses are about the father of our main character that got lost after the great battle of Calden with the orcs.

The third one is about the old bad gods, that years ago ruled the land of Elion province (our main game land), and about how people fear they return, which of first signs are being seen.

And the last one is about how are main hero can be the one to unite everyone and get his throne back.

We hope you enjoy it :)

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