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The Gamers Initiative is a Gaming Union created by GameSomniac that welcomes both fans and gamers alike to share info on the latest games, videos and other video game related media. A medium for all of our fellow gamers to use to promote, advertise and display their videos and channels/pages with other gaming fans.

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Hey guys! Have you ever noticed how many gamers are out there making youtube videos trying to get noticed? There's a lot of really good gamers out there aside from the youtube major league (Toby, Pewdie, Markiplier etc). Well we here at GameSomniac wanted to put together something big that involves as many underground gamers that we could get on board. We've started THE GAMERS INITIATIVE, an online gaming union, cult, brotherhood call it whatever you want, the purpose of this faction still remains the same. We want you guys to promote yourselves, post your videos to the page, talk to other gamers, meet new people, get out there and show us what you guys can do! The union is currently based on facebook and is very small. Hopefully if more people get on board, the bigger it gets the more it will evolve. WE are not looking for fame or to be well known admins or any of that crap, we just wanna hang out with our gaming brethren and sister-ren (? lol) So if you're interested in some free publicity and meeting new gamers follow the link to the official facebook page, like it and get started. Peace bros! \m/\m/

JOIN THE INITIATIVE! (Group) - Facebook.com
JOIN THE INITIATIVE! (Page) - Facebook.com

- GameSomniacâ„¢

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