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A run down of your non-combat options when approaching any mission in The Warborn.

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While playing The Warborn players will be faced with many different types of missions, many of which require some modicum of subtlety when approaching difficult situations. Not every mission should be solved through combat, as making an enemy of every in-game faction will most certainly make things much harder than they need to be. Instead, the game provides a multitude of options allowing players to plan and execute stealthy or clever approaches to solving complex issues.

Theft = Wits

Fay started her criminal career as a child, and as a thief. This skill allows her to walk up to any character and attempt to steal from them. Acquire everything from spare ammo to new weapons, to keycards and security access from important folk around the map. Failure often leads to combat, so be prepared and always gauge your victim carefully, not everyone is a bumbling fool.

Threats = Strength

When attempting to gather information certain characters may not be willing to divulge for one reason or another, or they may even lie to throw Fay off. Often times this will lead to the character refusing to offer up any more information or refuse to talk at all. Players have the option to threaten characters at any time and doing so at the right time, with the right stats, can break down a lie, or persuade someone to share more than they originally did. Do so with caution though, as you can imagine, tougher characters may not like being threatened and will fight back.

Computers/Hacking = Knowledge

The world is run on technology, even now during the downfall of humanity, many people will store some, if not all, of their information on a computer, whether it be mobile or fixed. Fay can, with the right expertise, pry into these computers and learn quite a lot about the people behind them. Once Fay gathers a few useful gadgets she can even hack into networks and unlock security doors, shut off cameras, and even fool other characters with texts and emails.

These are some of the core non-combat abilities the player has when approaching any situation and should always be considered when combat seems too risky. Often times getting in and out of a rival faction's territory with minimal drama can only help in the future when dealing with them. Combat is a sure-fire way to lower your reputation and paint you as a target, but with a few clever tactics Fay can tip-toe her way through any mission without engaging a single target.

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