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Post news RSS The World of Pirates War (Part 5) - Villainaires

Today, we take a look at the Villainaires. Another pirate crew from the upcoming Mobile game Pirates War - The Dice King.

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Pirate Crew - The Villainaires

Crew Skill : INFILTRATION (Sends a pirate to infiltrate an enemy's fortress and steal its money)

"Money can't buy happiness? Well, it sure sounds better to be crying in a mansion rather than on the curb".

For the Villainaires money is everything! And they'll do anything to take money from you and everyone else that crosses their path.

"Life is a game, money is how we keep score".

Tarak (the Captain)

Captain Skill: GREEDY LANDLORD (Increases the amount of tax collected from a fortress)

Tarak used to be a member of the Royal Navy, but he made his living by receiving bribes and helping out pirates. When Pierce, aka Lightning Beard, found out about Tarak's doings they engaged in a fierce naval battle. Tarak purposely sank his own ship to fake his death. Now he roams the seas as a pirate and he's after the biggest of the scores: Captains Morgan's lost treasure.

Major Gorio (the Smuggler)

Gorio is a retired soldier turned smuggler who sells endangered animals from Africa to European nobles. He is always bragging about his former military career, hence his nickname Major Gorio.

Casanova (the Good-looking)

Talk about looks deceiving you. This handsome man is a infamous slaver from West Africa. A true villain who is willing to do anything for money. But he wasn't always like this. Back home, he met the love of his life, but her father denied their marriage because he thought Casanova was too poor to deserve his daughter. Since then, he's been earning money however way he can, without any care for the life of others.

Estrella (the Innkeeper)

Estrella used to own a couple of well-known taverns and inns in Barcelona. Bored with life, she took to the seas. She can't fulfill any role on the ship, but her servants will do all the hard work for her.

Lionnel (the Noble)

Lionnel comes from a ruined Spanish noble family. He believes wealth could bring his family back to glory and now he travels the seas after Morgan's lost treasure. He is always accompanied by his personal tailor, his servant and his own chef.

Gold Digger (the … Gold Digger?)

Tarak loves gold and jewels for what it can buy, but Gold Digger loves them for their looks. If it was up to him he would even plate his bones with gold. Much of his clothing is gold-colored or made from gold. The bullets from his gun are gold-plated. He became a pirate just so he could find and take all of Morgan's gold and gems.

Well, that's it for the Villainaires. As you play the game the story for each captain and their crew will unfold in detail. The story is not yet final, and some changes might occur prior to release.

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