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IdiotNewbie here with some more news about our game! Today I will give you a sneak peek at our game's main characters (The Captains).

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Captains are the main characters in Pirates War - The Dice King.

Each has its own set of skills and crew member, that if matched right give bonus to attack and defence on the battlefield. (the board)

  • First, Princess Meredith (my personal favourite).

Beautiful Princess from the Kingdom of Aragon.
She ran away to become a pirate. S2

Crew: The Mercats

Skill: Reinforce this Sucker! (Increases Defence to your fortress the you enter it.)

  • Second, Admiral Tarak (I don’t like this dude…always so full of himself!).

Traitor, Tarak used to be part of the Royal Navy, but was really always a pirate at heart.

Crew: The Villainaires

Skill: Greedy Landlord (Increases the amount of taxes collected from a fortress.)

  • Third, Lightning Beard (How does he shave?)

Betrayed, he was set up and thrown in prison with eels.
That explains the awesome electric beard. (Or does it?)

Crew: Sweet Revenge

Skill: Nocturnal Predator (Increases Attack stat by 1 during the night.)

  • Fourth, Svenja (She looks so badass)

Leader of her tribe, Svenja is always thinking of her family and her people.

Crew: Nordic 6

Skill: Greed! (Increases Doubloons pillaged from a fortress owned by an opponent.)

  • Fifth, Triton (Urghh, the stench of fish!)

Triton is in love with Svenja. Needless to say he isn’t really her type.
Poor heartbroken fish.

Crew: Abbys

Skill: Discount Takeover (Decreases the takeover cost by 30% when you win a battle.)

  • Sixth, Block (What’s that kid even doing on a boat?)

Block is a kid who wishes to find his father.
But he and his friends can only really find trouble.

Crew: WeKid

Skill: Angry Money! (Increases the amount of income collected from all your territory if you fail to defend it.)

  • Seventh, Duke (Really, a monkey as a pirate?)

Duke used to be part of a circus, but managed to escape during a storm.
He wants to create a nation for the animals.

Crew: Duke & Company

Skill: Fortress Discount (Decreases the cost of building/upgrading a fortress.)

  • Eighth, Skull (Well, I think we ran out of ideas for creative names)

Skull was brought back to life, but without any memory of his past life.
He travels the seven seas seeking a meaning for his life…I mean death? no, zombie life? err…afterlife? Ah! whatever that is.

Crew: Sea of the Dead

Skill: Booster for the Weak (Randomly increases Attack by 1 or 2 when your stat is lower than you opponent's.)

That’s all we got for now Pirates!
Hope to share more with you soon.


Jeebus! Fantastic art style!


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IdiocracyGames Author

Thanks a bunch!

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