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The new update is here! A lot has changed, and there is plenty of new challenging quests to solve and complete! Are you ready?

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Dear players, the winter is coming!

Prepare your gears, new challenges arise in Kakele. Update 3.3 is out, and we would like to share with you what is changing.

Here are the changes coming in the update:

- Revamped a lot of respawns, and added new ones.

- The game storyline was revamped for new players; we also added new stages to the end game.

- Kebelessa city was revamped; a spell shop and a bank were built there!

- The storyline window was revamped, indicating what is completed and what is not (just the first stage in the list!)

- If you are in a stack of 10 or more players, you won't deal damage or cast aggressive spells.

- Added Polish and French languages.

- Pants (or legs) equipment were added to the game; there will be 20 different legs.

- Added a new tool slot for picks and fishing rods; no more hotkeys to change your weapon! and yes, you will be able to upgrade your tools in the blacksmith ;)

- You are able to open the house builder window from outside a house; if there are items on top of a mailbox, you will pick them up when using the tile.

- The first house rent (the first month rent) will now be due in 7 days instead of 30.

- Added more hotkey customizations to PC users, such as keys to open chat, inventory and minimap; ESC key will close opened windows.

- Added in-game reports; these reports will work similar to the ticket system we have in our Discord today

- Blocking spawns is no longer possible; if you stay next to a respawn, it will still spawn, but 3x slower; a spawn warning effect will be shown just before the mob appears. Blocking respawn isn't against the rules anymore.

- Increased doomed penalty; doomed players will have their attack, armor and magic stats halved

- The events window was revamped and now shows all events and how long ago they triggered; this will be extremely helpful to know when your favorite event will take place again.

- A confirmation button is now shown before you receive a private chat from someone.

- Added comments to warnings/bans; now you will see the reason plus the comments when you get such penalties.

- Added name colors to chats.

- Added several new bad words and improved how we detect them.

- Free accounts may restart tasks in Norde!

- Replaced monkey mobs by forest protector mobs; because of several racism incidents, we decided to remove the mob, which was an accelerator for the offenders.

- Added 15+ more houses.

- Made sky and glitch event rooms bigger.

- Changed the hydra worms event by adding escape corridors.

- It is important to say that we are adjusting a game rule in the update: luring hydra worms won't be against the rules anymore; we counted that as destructive behavior in the past, but the CMs will no longer punish players, allowing more freedomness to do anything you want + luring (also applicable to any other hunting grounds and events). This also counts to blocking passages and swapping people to their death! We would like to remind you that the anti-luring system in optional PvP will still be active. Finally, please note that blocking protection zones is still forbidden.

- Players now may redo the quest "stairway to heaven".

- Added option to ignore targeting pets.

- Added mailboxes; you may now send items, gold and coins to other players, even if they are offline!

- Some minor bug fixes to pathfinder, quest gold updates and quest tome folders

- Decreased armor of mobs, which helps physical classes, especially hunters, to deal more damage.

- Displaying item rarity in the game client.

- Market historical entries now show the amount of items sold from the total offer stack.

- Some berserker spells level requirements were changed, since they were unbalanced at mid levels.

- Added player windows; player windows are shown when you click a player message in the chat (and other use cases) and you can easily copy their name, message them, add them to the friend list, ignore or report them.- We published Kakele in Steam! If you didn't rate us there yet, please stop by and leave feedback!

- Added new content:

- Expanded Kechelada.

- Expanded the nobles area.

- Added new corrupted elemental caves.

- Added new mobs: ice beetle, ice slime, ice elemental, crystal dragon, higher noble, aristocrat, noble extractor, mummy, corrupted water/fire/earth elementals.

- Added 3 new bosses.

- Added 10+ new items (wiki will be updated over the test server).

- Added a new dungeon for level 75 (changed the voids dungeon to level 100).

- Added new event for levels 200+.

- Added new quests, 3+ being high level ones.

- Added new pet and outfit.

There might be other changes we forgot to include in the list, but it is pretty comprehensive.

And here is a sneak peak into a mysterious new cave. We wonder who will be the first to reach there!

Prepare your coats, winter is coming!
Best regards,The ViVa Kakele team

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