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Post news RSS The Winter Forest, lot of new stuff (part 2)

Here we tell about some new cool features of Summer Catchers!

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And it's time for the second part!

Earlier, we told about some additional tasks. It's related to something cool - we've added pets into our game!
Starting from the second level a player will have an opportunity to get one in every level. Every pet is unique: each has its own abilities, temper and price.We'll tell about the first one - a little owl. A player will have a chance to rescue it from danger. To do it you'll have to complete one mission.To thank you the little owl will join you, if you need it. It's very useful, because it can see further than you and predict the next obstacle. It gives you a little bit more time to prepare and choose a right modificator.
You can complete this level and not rescue the owl. There will be no second chance, only with a new walkthrough, so be attentive. A serious business has begun since this level. The Night forest was just a warmup.

The new location contains new types of obstacles. There are no regular snow drifts, but there are snow moles. They are curious and want to know what is that noise on a surface. So they can appear right in front of the car at any moment.

The tree crowns had frozen and became heavy in the Winter forest. Some trees can't hold them and fall down. A player has a few moments to accelerate his car and dodge them.

Also, there are frozen lakes. But their crust is not thick enough to withstand the buggy weigh. You can just jump over some of them, but some are too big for it. So you'll need a propeller to fly over. You could see it earlier in our previous article.

Here are two more gifs to help you understand how serious this level is:

As a bonus: we've uploaded one of our new tracks. Yes, it's dark and sounds a bit different to the previous one. We just want to warn you - Summer Catchers has a dark side!

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Awesome, as always.
Oh, that eye of the mountain - another obvious hint the world of Summer Catchers is rich and full of mysteries.

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EugeneOzh Author

: )) Thanks man! Doing our best!

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That music track is totally pumping!!! Big fan of retro pixel art, so the aesthetics are right as rain IMO!!! Looking forward to seeing more updated asap!

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EugeneOzh Author

Yeah! Thanks man!

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