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A short little blurb detailing all of the development that has occurred over the last week.

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I'm going to start releasing weekly updates of what I have done in the week prior. These Weekly Wastelanders are meant so that any fans can keep up to date on how the game is progressing and I have somewhere to vent the joys and frustrations of this undertaking. Without further ado:

The Weekly Wastelander

Issue #1

It's been a tough week this week but I have been steaming along. I'm working with a few other game developers to get the game optimized in it's size because I realized that with everything I wanted to do the final game size was going to be massive. I will be finalizing and adding these improvements into the coding sometime this week hopefully and until I do event coding will be placed on a hold as the majority of this optimizing is directly associated with the events.

As with many gamers who enjoy apocalyptic genres this past week I have been wrapped up in Fallout 4. I consider it R&D as many of the great ideas I have come up with for the game were came from the games Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. In no way am I ripping off anything from the game but it has given me a lot of cool ideas.

I am in talks with someone close to me about being able to port the game over to Mac. I think this would be a wonderful thing and I hope that it can be brought about. Nothing is set in stone yet though. Other porting possibilities include a stripped down mobile version of the game for android and possible the iPhone, again nothing set in stone but the possibility exists.

On a final note I'm working on a short trailer for the game which will hopefully be ready for release soon. I'm working on getting it look nice which is taking up a lot of time. It will hopefully release some time mid-December followed shortly by an Alpha version for all of you to get a nice feel for the game.

And that wraps things up for this week. I'd love to hear some of your thoughts on the game so far and answer your questions so feel free to leave a comment. Stay safe out there Wastelanders!

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