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Caveblazers is a pseudo-multiplayer platformer roguelike releasing on Steam soon! This article focuses on some of the weapons in the game.

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With 3 days left until the Early Access release of Caveblazers, I thought I'd show off a few of the weapons which will be available in the first version.

The game currently contains 11 different swords, and 16 different bows. Here are a few of the bows:

Divine Bow Divine Bow

This is a bow which can only be fired once charged, but can be very powerful when used correctly. The arrow fired causes a large explosion, which does minimal damage but stuns enemies and has a powerful knockback. The knockback itself can cause a lot of damage by slamming entities in to walls.

Divine Bow Animation

Pomegranate Bow Pomegranate Bow

The arrow fired by this bow explodes and drops a cluster of mini bombs. This is a very unpredictable weapon. You're just as likely to blow yourself up as you are to blow your enemies up.

Pomegranate Bow Animation

Hallowed Bow Hallowed Bow

This bow fires lightning-fast holy arrows, but is fairly inaccurate.

Hallowed Bow Animation

Bazwood Bow Bazwood Bow

This bow fires a cluster of needles with short range. The Bazwood Bow can be very powerful when combined with magical items such as the Quickfire Arrow which, when charged, makes your next shot fire an explosive arrow... or in this case, a cluster of powerful explosive needles.

Bazwood Bow Animation

Thank you for reading!

Check out the Caveblazers Steam Store Page | Website | Early Access Trailer


Uugh! The platforming, art, shooting : everything! It looks so good.

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