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Our Homepage is finally live! The homepage should give you a better understanding of what the Way of Blood is, and what our vision and plans are.

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Hello everyone,
Our Homepage is online!
It took us some time to bring this homepage online, but well finally it’s here. The main idea of the Site is to give you all necessary information about our Game-Idea and vision. For that we have created a big FaQ Section, where you can find answers to the most important and actual questions around the game.
The “Contribute” Page will also give you all necessary information about our unique Community Driven Development (CDD) Feature. Everyone who wants to join the team or help out in creating the game should take a closer look to the FaQ and Contribute Pages.

Please be aware, that this is not the final site release and you can find some bugs or errors. Also lot of pages and images are not final and we will optimize the homepage often in the future. Be also aware that the registration is currently disabled. This means, that you can’t register for the forums / community. We will open the Registration in one week to be able to create the most important threads in the forums. If you want to contact us because of contributing or joining the team just send an E-Mail to “ronny ‘at’ wayofblood.com”.

So what are our next plans? Right now I am working on creating a little small Demo Scene using some Unity5 Assets, which should show you what atmosphere we are trying to achieve. The demo itself will not have any Quests, Combat System or Gamemplay features. It will more or less show you our Weather-System and how it fits together with a dark atmospheric small terrain. It will be also fully compatible with the latest Unity 5.4 version. The next step would be to fit this demo scene with life, meaning with some (Test)Creatures, Quests / Dialog and working GUI Elements. For our Roadmap we also created a site for you which give you all information about our development plans.
So that’s it for the first news.

We are really happy to start our journey in game development together with you and we hope you like the site.


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